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This website for exclusively for new trend of silk originally from Terengganu, just choose and pick up any attractive design and pattern you wish for, then, it will become yours.


Kain Sutera Tulisan Tangan

Hi all…

Welcome to kainsuteraonline.

some update for feb 2011. price for our silk still same as last year

Sutera Jaquard~~~RM240
Sutera Creepe~~~RM270
Sutera Creepe+Chiffon~~~RM280

All silk based on pre order. 2 Week is delivery period ūüôā




Hello 2011!!!

Hi all…

Kainsuteraonline wish happy new year to all. Hope this year much more better and grab opportunity in 2011.

About Our Silk

Hi all,

Here, i got several feedback from dearest customer about our selling method. Little bit misunderstanding how kainsuteraonline selling method.

Q1: Why need to select silk material?

A1: Because difference silk come with difference cost. More expensive means more quality.

Q2: Why your selling method is different with others?

A2: Because we are manufactures comes from Terengganu. We make your since according your request. Thats our specialty to make us different with other. Besides you can choose silk material, you also can request colour and pattern.  Such example, you want colour design according code 1001 but pattern according code 1002, we also can make it.

its clear. anything update, i will write again.

Dont worry and enjoy.


Kainsuteraonline admin

Sutera Exclusive Hand Made 13/12/2010

Design Code : Code 1021

Design specification:

1) Background colour: Yellow + Black

Note: Since  background colour is Yellow + Black , you can ask for any changes in background colour but it must be informed earlier.

Suggestion background colour : 1) Purple + Black

2) Blue + Black


Code 1021

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Sutera Exclusive Hand Made

Design Code : Code 1015

Design specification:

1) Background colour: gray

Note: Since  background colour is gray ,you can ask for any changes in background colour but it must be informed earlier.

Code 1015

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Kain sutera online

Hi to all and do welcome to kainsutera online official page,

First note here, i would like to¬†announce that kainsuteraonline is¬†a business page¬†where your can find¬† the greatest¬†quality¬†of original Terengganu silk. Through this page you don’t have to travel¬†far away to Terengganu just to find and buy your dreams silk anymore. Here just¬†choose and click on¬†your favourite silk and then it will become yours, just ¬†as simple as that. Well, this is the cheapest and easiest way to get your dream silk. We promised that you will never be regret! Please dont miss this great chance to have your own Terengganu origin silk!¬†

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